Diesel Instructor

Company Name:
TTi Global
Function Description:
Develops and delivers various training programs and courses to dealers and customers. Training programs include, but are not limited to products, services, and/or professional skills with heavy emphasis on product features, applications, and product system technologies
Delivers training programs and courses to dealers and customers. Extensive travel may be required to receive and redeliver training to fulfill audience requirements
Adapts, researches, and develops content, training materials and activities for training programs and other related training activities
Distributes/shares training information with appropriate stakeholders such as internal employees, other trainers and customers
Assists/supports internal employees, other trainers and customers regarding content and delivery
Researches various topics through self-development in order to improve individual expertise in both training subject matter/content and delivery skills
Constructs and maintains training aids and equipment, classroom exercises, simulations, and practice exercises.
Adapts training content as needed in support of Instructor Guides
Continually evaluates the effectiveness of the course meeting its objectives during delivery and from evaluations Makes appropriate changes to course materials and delivery as well as his or her own delivery skill
Utilizes knowledge of training to promote training products, training systems, and training materials
Responsible for classroom/training event administration (acquiring roster, taking enrollment, completing exit evaluations) and communicating results to appropriate personnel or system

Personal Requirements:
Knowledge of Learning and Development process including areas such as instructional skills, presentation skills, needs assessments, adult learning theory, curriculum development and other such related knowledge and skills
Has a good understanding of the principles and can independently use the knowledge
Ability to use standard desktop load applications such as Microsoft Office plus intranet and internet functions
Has a good understanding of the principles and can independently use the knowledge.
Ability to use various department specific computer programs
Has a general understanding of the principles and uses the knowledge with assistance
Knowledge of dealers and other channels
Has a good understanding of the principles and can independently use the knowledge
Knowledge of Engine & Drive train products and has a good understanding of the principles and can independently use the knowledge
Effective writing skills, including grammatical usage, persuasive copy and style

Years of experience:

Experience in maintenance, repair or diagnostics of automotive or heavy equipment, 5-10 years
Experience in training and development area involved in activities such as instruction, needs assessments, curriculum development, and other such related training and development work, 1-5 years
Marketing experience, 1-3 years
Dealership experience (including Management) in a technical field such as maintenance manager, service manager, parts manager or any position that demonstrates project and/or people management, 1-5 years
Industry specific experience in relevant discipline, 1-5 years

Degree requirements:

Preferred, University Degree (4 years or equivalent)
Degree in a technical/vocational school and/or education discipline (2-4 years) or equivalent experience and demonstrating strong technical knowledge combined with appropriate presentation skills should be considered

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